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Sri Asish Lahiri

Secretary, GIST.

Secretary Message

Our India is a village centric country where the difference of cast, creed, cult and degrees are very clear. Between these all good and bad the urbanized people accepted the artificial civilization very easily in comparison to those little learned rustics, as a result they are getting more advance in the way of dexterity. But most of the half trained labourers of the rural areas are craving for jobs in the unorganized sectors still now. Analytically the productivity in the organized sectors in many times the basic level industries can’t afford skilled workers. And here lies the benefits of these low-born, unprivileged, tribal communities.

As a liable citizen of this diverse county we can’t deny our debt and that’s why through our institution we are trying to form the foundation of this deprived, depressed society by giving them all the chance to be an integrated part of tomorrows economically, technologically, socially, and characteristically enriched India. We are even participated Pradhan Mantry Kaushal Vikash Yojona (PMKVY) as a part of community development programme and also Diploma in Vocation (D.Voc.) for binding a strong relationship between Education and Industry. Because we aspire that a today’s a little sapling is tomorrow’s huge arbour and in this affair we have keep up our warfare through our centre of excellence Global Institute of Science and Technology.