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Civil Workshop and Laboratories

The Department of Civil Engineering is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in its carious laboratories.

Major Laboratories:

  • Concrete and road material testing laboratory
  • Concrete technology laboratory
  • Soil Mechanics laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering laboratory
  • Field Surving Practice laboratory
  • Auto-CAD laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics/ Hydrolics laboratory
  • Civil Engineering laboratory
  • Major Equipments:
    Major Equipment available in the Department
  • UTM automatic with Computer Interface
  • Direct Shear Apparatus
  • Consolidation Apparatus
  • Compression testing machine
  • Core Cutting machine
  • Equipments for all Routine tests of soil highway materials etc.
  • CBR testing machine
  • Theodolite instrument
  • Rebound hammer
  • Auto level & Dumpy level
  • Major Software:
  • Auto-CAD
  • Mechanical Workshop and Laboratories

    Major Laboratories:

  • Applied mechanics lab (Izod Impact testing M/C, Brinell & Rockwell hardness testing M/C, UTM, TTM etc.)
  • Heat power lab (Diesel and petrol engine, boiler, air compressor etc)
  • Fluid mechanics lab (Venturi & orifice meter, V-notch, centrifuga & reciprocating pump etc)
  • Metrology lab (Vernier Scale instruments, Sine bar etc)
  • AutoCAD lab (15 nos of computers with latest AutoCAD version installed)
  • Auto-Mobile lab (ELECTIVE), with Maruti 800
  • Drawing-Hall (2 nos)
  • Major Workshops:
  • Machine shop (Lathe, Shaping, milling, drilling, grinding, hydrolic power saw)
  • Fitting shop (small drilling machine)
  • Welding shop (gas and arc welding machine)
  • Carpentry (Jigs and band saw, power saw)
  • Electrical and Microprocessor Laboratories

    Major Laboratories:

  • Electrical Technologies lab.
  • Electrical Engineering Drawing lab.
  • Basic electrical lab.
  • Electrical machine lab.
  • Electrical measurement and control lab.
  • Digital electronics lab.
  • Power system lab.
  • Industrial electronics lab.
  • Microprocessor lab.
  • Basic electronics lab.
  • Electronics device circuit lab.
  • Major Workshops:

    Electrical Workshop1: Wiring installation purpose, various types of Starter, protection and safety

    Electrical Workshop2: Winding practice of different motors and operation maintenance testing of motor and application, transformer

    Electrical Shop: Wiring, connection for tubes, fans.

    Computer Laboratories

    Major Laboratories:

  • Computer application and programming lab (MS Office)
  • PC utility lab (MS Office)
  • C-programming lab (Turbo C++ V4.5)
  • Business application lab (Using COBOL)
  • Data Structure lab (Turbo C++ V4.5)
  • Object Oriented Programming lab (Turbo C++ V4.5)
  • Advanced DBMS lab (ORACLE 10G)
  • PC maintenance and networking lab.
  • Advanced software lab (using JAVA)
  • OS lab (LINUX)
  • Web Technology lab (using Internet Information component windows component)
  • Operation Research lab (Turbo C++ V 4.5)
  • Computer Graphics lab (Turbo C++ V4.5)
  • Basic Science Laboratories

    Major Laboratories:

  • Physics lab (PO Box, PN Junction diod Meter Bridges, Hydrostatic balance etc.)
  • Chemistry lab (Turbidity Meter, TLC Kit, Arsenic Kit, pH-Meter etc.)
  • Language lab (Television Set, Audio System, Projector, Audio Visual Language learning and listening databases etc.)