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Q.1 The teacher possesses clear knowledge on the subject
Q.2 The teacher explains the topic / subject matter / idea in the class in simple language and makes clear to you
Q.3 The teacher delivers lecture in the class in a very specific logical and well organized way
Q.4 The teacher encourages participation and open questions from the students after the lecture session and happily answer all the questions and doubts
Q.5 The teacher provides assignments / conducts class tests and quizzes periodically and provides feedback to the students for the furture improvement
Q.6 "the teacher is interactive
Q.7 The teacher does board - work and uses electronic-devices to present the lecture as per the relevance of the topic and provides sufficient study metirials and references in the class for furture study
Q.8 The teacher conducts performance assessment of the students time-to-time in a fair and unbiased way
Q.9 The teacher takes extra session for the students who are facing defficulty in the class to understand any idea / topic if necessary
Q.10 The teacher motivates the students to think differently in the encouragesself initiative and creativity
Q.11 Your overall understanding of the subject taught by the teacher is -
Q.12 The teacher clearly explains the basic safety guidelines in the lab / workshop to be followed in the very first day
Q.13 The teacher explains the syllabus and lab-manuals in the lab to make clear understanding of the lab-paper and generate confidance among the students
Q.14 The teacher teaches theoretical part very well before starting practical experiment in the lab
Q.15 the teacher provides all the necessary guidance enthusiastically to the students during lab-work
Q.16 The teacher evaluates both of Laboratory-Report book and Student-Note book regularly in the lab
Q.17 Your overall idea about the quality and assessment of lab-work
Q.18 The teacher distributes project-related work among the students timely and appropriately
Q.19 The teacher supervises and guides students whenever necessary for project related work
Q.20 the teacher is supportive and shows expertise for project-related work
Q.21 The teacher is always punctual for the class
Q.22 the teacher remains always available and excessible even after the college time for the students
Q.23 the teacher maintains strict discipline in the class