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The seminar aims to provide a forum for eminent academicians, technologists and young researchers to exchange their ideas on the latest development and future trends in the fields of applied sciences and engineering studies. Eminent persons in the respective fields share their experience and knowledge with the participants, which in turn are expected to promote research activities in these advanced materials. This conference will also provide the platform for investment and collaborations between Academia, R&D sectors and Industries. The seminar will be extremely useful in the sense that it will be attended by chemists, physicists and engineers making it truly interdisciplinary. This conference aims to provide a suitable platform to young researchers to share their ideas and research findings in front of the peers of the respective fields to boost their research.

The seminar topic is based on the computational techniques on theoretical and enginnering studies, which is one of the emerging fields of research throughout the world and promised to be one of the most influencing fields on modern technology in all fields from electronics to biomedicine. Computational techniques are well integrated in today’s applied sciences and engineering practice. However, their cost is unavoidable for a large number of applications in a daily industrial/engineering production environment as well as for many scientific simulations. This is substantiated when the simulation requires a large number of possible scenarios, corresponding to different instances of a parametric family of problems (for instance, in the context of support for decision-making, optimization and uncertainty quantification).A standard strategy to reduce costs and increase the practical interest of these computational techniques is using pre-computed solutions or the more formal framework of reduced order models.

But more important, these explicit parametric solutions can be further in use as an ingredient in more sophisticated computational strategies.

In addition, this seminar aims to bridge the gap between the scientists and the young undergraduate students by exposing the UG students to the scientific seminar and encouraging them to participate and interact with the renowned scientists working in different parts of the Country. UG students will be encouraged to present (Research/review) based scientific topics under proper supervision.