Diploma Engineering

After receipt of final pass certificate the students may apply for the Technician License, which is issued by respective departmental Authorities. This will be an asset for a student, who may start his/her own work in contracting business houses and join varieties of industries.

Diploma Engineering Courses

Global Insistute of Science & Technology offers four Diploma Engineering Courses which are affiliated to West Bengal State Council of Technical Education and approved by AICTE.

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering.
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
  • Diploma in Computer Science & Technology.

Admission Procedure

3Yrs. Diploma Engineering Courses        Intake

Diploma in Civil Engineering.                              120

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering                     120

Diploma in Electrical Engineering                       120

Diploma in Computer Science & Technology       60

Course Fees

A. (Through JEXPO/ VOCLET)

(i) At the time of Admission(July-Dec)

Admission fee                                     Rs.5000/-

Tuition fee                                         Rs.9000/-

Development fee                                Rs.3000/-

Caution deposit                                   Rs.3000/-

Semester fee                                      Rs.6000/-

Annual cultural fee                               Rs.450/-

Sports & Games fee                             Rs.150/-

ID Card, Prospectus & Admission Form    Rs.500/-

Book Bank                                          Rs.1000/-

Total                                                 Rs.28,100/-

(ii) Even Semester(Jan-June):

Tuition fee                                          Rs.9000/-

Development fee                                 Rs.3000/-

Semester fee                                      Rs.6000/-

Total                                                 Rs. 18,000/-

(iii) Odd Semester(July-Dec):

Tuition fee                                          Rs.9000/-

Development fee                                  Rs.3000/-

Semester fee                                       Rs.6000/-

Annual Cultural fee                                Rs.450/-

Sports & Games fee                               Rs.150/-

Book Bank                                            Rs.1000/-

Total                                                  Rs.19,600/-

C. (Direct Admission):

(i) At the time of Admission(July-Dec) :

Admission fee                                        Rs.5000/-

Tuition fee                                            Rs.15000/-

Development fee                                   Rs.3000/-

Caution deposit                                      Rs.3000/-

Semester fee                                         Rs.6000/-

ID Card, Prospectus & Admission Form        Rs.500/-

Annual Cultural Fee                                  Rs.450/-

Sports & Games Fee                                 Rs.150/-

Book Bank                                              Rs.1000/-

Total                                                    Rs.34,100/-

(ii) Even Semester(Jan-June) :

Tuition fee                                              Rs.15000/-

Development fee                                     Rs.3000/-

Semester fee                                          Rs.6000/-

Total                                                    Rs.24,000/-

(iii) Odd Semester(July-Dec):

Tuition fee                                             Rs.15000/-

Development fee                                    Rs.3000/-

Semester fee                                         Rs.6000/-

Annual Cultural fee                                  Rs.450/-

Sports & Games fee                                Rs.150/-

Book Bank                                             Rs.1000/-

Total                                                   Rs.25,600/-