Chairman Message


Established at the fag-end of 1995 with a missionary zeal, Indian Centre for Advancementof Research and Education(ICARE), a non-profit making voluntary organisation registered under Societies Registration Act,1961 is dedicated to promote, establish, run and maintain value-based educational Institutions of excellence in commensurate with the mushrooming growth of industry in and around Haldia in the District of Purba Medinipur, West Bengal. ICARE can now boast of engendering a galaxy of cream products in the fields of Engineering, Science, Technology, Law and Management in its educational Institutions. The emergence of liberalisation, privatisation & globalisation and the phenomenal achievements in the field of Science & Technology have necessitated the demand for technical manpower. Industrial development requires a large number of properly trained personnel. In India, there is a vast reservoir of latent talented human resources which if nurtured and cherished carefully can increase institutional synergy. The prosperity of a country depends on her industry, and industry again depends on technical knowledge. The establishment of Global Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), we do believe, will fulfil the aspirations and cherished dreams of the aspirants in this region as many production units are being established here to catch the fruits of benefits of industrial development. The Institute has got the perfect ambience to establish itself as ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the field of Science and Technology and our Faculties/Instructors and Administrative officials are committed to put in the most serious and genuine efforts for achieving the desired professional and academic excellence. It is patent beyond the shadow of a doubt that GIST does possess the requisite academic commitments to emerge as a premier Institute of learning in Science and Technology in India in the near future.

Dr. Lakshman Seth

Dr. Lakshman Seth
Chairman, GIST