Board of Governor's

Sl No. Name Designation Position at (GIST)
1. Hon'ble Sri Lakshman Seth Chairman ICARE Nominee
2. Hon'ble Sri Asish Lahiri Vice Chairman ICARE Nominee
3. Hon'ble Sri Pranab Das Secretary ICARE Nominee
4. Hon'ble Sri Amiya Sahoo Member ICARE Nominee
5. Hon'ble Sri Nityananda Bera Member ICARE Nominee
6. Hon'ble Sri Sudarsan Manna Member ICARE Nominee
7. Hon'ble Sri Sayantan Seth Member ICARE Nominee
8. Hon'ble Regional Officer Member AICTE, Eastern Regional Officer (Ex-Officio)
9. Hon'ble Nominee of West Bengal State Council of Technical Education Member Affiliating Body
10. Hon'ble Principal, Dr. MSIT Member Nominee of Director of Technical Education
11. Hon'ble Representative from MCC PTA Member Nominee of Industry
12. Hon'ble Representative form CESC Member Nominee of Industry
13. Hon'ble Dr. Bikramjit Chaudhury Member Principal, GIST