Vision & Mission

12 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Vision & Mission


India, pregnant with the possibilities of becoming a superpower in the 21st century globe, earnestly longs for the dynamic presence of a new society of technocrats, empowered with huge technological knowledge base and of service providers, equipped with commendable professional expertise. GIST was born with the irresistible passion for delivering and fostering this society overcoming every odd and crossing every barrier. Since its inception, it has been this dream that inspired this institute to call itself THE TRAILBLAZER, who Walks ahead to lead when there is relentless degeneration.

  • Lights up a dream when there is intimidating darkness.
  • Paves the path when the Star is lost.
  • Emerges as VICTORS amidst threatening wilderness.

Education for ALL:
To educate and train students in academic professionalism irrespective of cast, colour, gender and creed.
Employment for ALL:
To ensure that the students are paid back with good employment opportunities to fulfill their dreams and to nurture higher ambitions.
Health for ALL:
To nourish a student community empowered by robust health, sound mentality and lively sensibility.
Quality for ALL:
To stress upon the quality in all regards so that the students may excel in all walks of life.
Humanity for ALL:
To develop social, moral, aesthetic and above all humanistic values amongst the students.
Character for ALL:
To lead all students towards building a strong and unflinching character for facing all kinds of oddities in life and getting triumphant.
To inspire the budding citizens to become competent enough to contribute significantly towards ushering a Vibrant Future for the Entire Mankind across the GLOBE.